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Kona Hanalei Island IPA 4.5% 30l
Item No. 151082
Kona Hanalei Island IPA 30l KeyKeg
BrewDog Elvis Juice 6.5% 20l
Item No. 151833
BrewDog Elvis Juice 20l KeyKeg
BrewDog ClockworkTan 4.5% 20l
Item No. 151923
BrewDog ClockworkTan 20l KeyKeg
BrewDog Hazy Jane 5% 20l
Item No. 152074
BrewDog Hazy Jane 20l KeyKeg
BrewDog Punk IPA 5.2% 30l
Item No. 152087
BrewDog Punk IPA 30l KeyKeg
Mufloni CCC 5.5% 30l
Item No. 153172
Mufloni CCC 30l Teräsastia
Founders Dankwood 12.2% 29,3l
Item No. 153356
Founders Dankwood 29,3l Teräsastia, D-liitin
Sori Out of Office IPA 4.5% 30l
Item No. 154311
Sori Brewing Out of Office IPA 30l KeyKeg
Sori Investor IPA 6.9% 30l
Item No. 154312
Sori Investor IPA 30l KeyKeg
Sori Apocalypse Snow 6.5% 20l
Item No. 154379
Sori Apocalypse Snow 20l KeyKeg.