The normal payment policy for our contract customers is 14 days net from the delivery date. Penalty Interest for deferred payments is 11%.
For every new customer we check the creditworthiness and the payment policy is decided accordingly. There is always a possibility for payment in front, in which case the delivery is made after receiving the payment.


Delivery is in two business days from submitting an order, if not otherwise agreed. Exception are Porvoo on Thursdays and Tampere from Tuesday to Thursday.

Freight free delivery limits:

PK-seutu (Hki, Vantaa, Espoo), Turku, Porvoo and Tampere:
• Free of charge 400€ vat 0% (deposits not included)
• Freight fee for orders under 300€ vat 0% + 30€ vat 0%

Remaining parts of Finland:
• Free of charge 600€ vat 0% (deposits not included)
• Freight fee for orders under 500€ vat 0% + 50€ vat 0%

Minimum amount for orders delivered is 200€ alv0%.

There is no backorder oblication for products sold out or temporarely out of stock.


Customer service is open on business days 9.30 - 15.30

Contact information:

Restaurant Sales: +358(0)102310801

Finance / Billing: finance@diamondbeverages.f

Office: +358(0)102310802

Pete Valtonen, Key Account Manager +358(0)40 552 3300
Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere,
Jyväskylä, Eastern Finland

Harri Törmänen, Key Account Manager +358(0)40 510 3131
Western Finland, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland
Nothern Finland, Ahvenanmaa

Personnel e-mails: